About Us – Our Service History

Our group supports millions of policies and more than 25 000 users around the world. Globally, we process in excess of 1.2 million claims annually and payout in excess of R1bn in claims every month. In South Africa, our business handles in excess of 160 000 incidents and pays in excess of R400m to service providers per month on behalf of clients.

We specialise in the administration of new, used and extended warranties and have been providing leading warranty administration services to the South African automotive market for over 30 years. Our clients are assured that their end customers are effectively and efficiently managed, at all times, and that any unforeseen mechanical failures are dealt with. Our size and industry experience ensures economies of scale, operational efficiencies and cost reductions, effectively eliminating the hassle and expense of in-house warranty administration.

Why choose Motor Warranty SA?

Everyone has car insurance, but not everyone has a vehicle warranty plan. Often people think they are the same thing or assume that they will be able to cover the costs of the repairs themselves.

But think. Do you really have between R10 000 or R50 000 to spend on fixing up a car? Especially when being without it means you can’t get to work, pick up the kids from school or get to the shops for groceries?

Having a motor warranty offers a variety of benefits. Motor Warranty SA is unique in that our plans offer just that little bit more:

  • Peace of mind – a vehicle warranty plan secures precious peace of mind. It means you are insured for the cost of any mechanical and electrical repairs that are needed on your car - parts and labour included. You never plan for your car to break down but do you want to have to constantly worry about the potential cost of it doing so?
  • Future costs – save on long-term costs. Having a car breakdown is expensive. A motor warranty will help you save in the long term by keeping your vehicle maintained and in a good condition.
  • Safety – knowing your vehicle is running 100%. Knowing wherever you go, you are covered. You don’t want to be stuck with a broken-down vehicle having to go to an unreliable mechanic. We will keep you protected and secure.
  • Accommodation – we will make sure that if you are stuck for the night far away (300kms+) from home that you will have your accommodation for the night paid for.
  • Parts cover – Labour cover for repairs is awesome but knowing your vehicle is covered for mechanical parts is even better. Parts can often be more expensive than labour.

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